Pinnell Dance Centre | Reopening 6/1/20
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Reopening 6/1/20


Our doors reopen on June 1st!

Let us know if you will be joining us!  

Please complete the following form and review our reopening guide here.  We can’t wait to see you!


At Pinnell Dance Centre the safety and comfort of our families is of the utmost importance. We have worked diligently on incorporating CDC and government guidelines into our classroom and building operations. Please review the following procedures before we reopen on June 1st. Your dancer’s well-being will continue to be our top priority. All customers must follow our guidelines as we will not compromise the safety of our students. Although things may look different when we return, the love we have for our students and for dance will remain the same. We cannot wait to see everyone!






Recital Costume Pick-Up

Class/Room Schedule:Monday, June 1st – Thursday, June 4th – 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Saturday, June 6th – 9:30 am – 12:00 pm

  1. Park in the parking lot. The first few spaces will be marked off for those waiting in line.
  2. One parent may approach the Locker Room wearing a mask. A staff member will be waiting outside the Locker Room door to assist you.
  3. Stay 6 feet apart from the person in front of you to maintain social distancing.
  4. Give the Locker Room your child’s name, class day, time and teacher. It would be helpful to have this written clearly on a piece of paper so staff can see as you approach.
  5. Our staff member will get you costume and place it on the outdoor table for you to take home.



Pinnell Policies


Class/Room Schedule:
1. In order to follow proper social distancing guidelines, we have reduced the number of classes in session and based room assignments on the amount of students able to properly distance in each room. Only 4 of our 7 classrooms will be used for group lessons. The new room/class schedule will be available soon!
2. Spaces will be marked on the floor for dancers to stay in their own proper “social distance”
space. Dancers will stay in the marked
spot and not move throughout the
room. Details on class structure are
found below.
3. With spaces divided into individual six
and a half foot square boxes. Room
accommodations are listed below. The
majority of classes will not be at max
a. Room 3: 16 dancers, 1 teacher
b. Room 4: 21 dancers, 1 teacher
c. Room 5: 11 dancers, 1 teacher
d. Room 6: 11 dancers, 1 teacher
e. Rooms 1, 2, and 7 will be used
solely for private lessons.
4. Dancers and staff are required to complete the waiver at the bottom of the google form when signing up.
5. We ask young dancers to attach a name tag and parent cell phone number to his/her leotard in case a parent needs contacted.
6. Staff temperatures and student temperatures will be taken.
7. Should a dancer or staff member become ill while at Pinnell Dance Centre. A parent will be called immediately and the said individual will wait in Room 7 until a parent arrives.
8. Attendance will be recorded and strict records will be kept. In the event of a COVID-19 exposure, all dancers who have been in contact with the infected individual will be immediately notified. The studio would temporarily close for deep sanitation and would not reopen until deemed safe.


Building Safety:
1. We are so thankful to have outside doors on the majority of our classrooms. Pinnell Dance Centre has 7 exterior doors. Dancers are to enter/exit through the door designated on the class schedule which can be found on page 4. The front door will be used solely for parents making payments and those exiting with dancers ages 5 and under. Anyone else entering the building should use designated classroom doors.
2. Outside doors will remain propped open (weather permitting) to prevent contact touching and encourage increased airflow.
3. Pavers have been set 6 feet apart in the grass leading to Rooms 4 and 6 for dancers waiting to be permitted into the classroom. Spaces will be marked 6 feet apart in the parking lot next to Rooms 3 and 5 for those waiting to enter the classroom. Do not line up until your teacher presents the “ready” sign.
4. The space behind the red brick building next door and the lot across the street can be used for additional parking if needed.
5. Only one parent of dancers ages 5 and younger may wait inside the studio. All other parents and siblings will be asked to wait in the car. Seating in the lobby will be spread six feet apart and very limited. All parents waiting in the lobby will be required to wear a mask.
6. The glass shield at our secretary’s desk will remain closed to avoid close contact with customers.
7. Hand sanitizer will be available in both the lobby and classrooms.
8. No food will be permitted in the building.
9. The Dancer’s Locker Room, study area and dressing rooms will remain closed. All toddler books and toys will be removed from the lobby. The Dancer’s Locker Room will reopen for one week for recital needs.
10. We request that dancers use the restroom prior to arriving to the studio to limit bathroom usage. The bathroom will be sanitized by office personal hourly.
11. Students that have a break between multiple classes in an evening should leave the building between classes. Parents are responsible for children who are not in class. Any child not in a class will be asked to leave and have a parent called.
12. Dancers, teachers and parents who are showing any symptoms, ill or recovering must remain at home.
13. CDC protocols on building sanitation will be strictly followed. Deep cleaning will occur during off hours.
14. Lost and found has been removed. Dancers must be responsible for all personal items. Nothing can be left at the studio.


Entering the Classroom:
1. As mentioned above, dancers are to enter/exit through the door designated on the class room which will be released with our revised schedule.
2. Dancers will not be permitted into the room before the designated class time. Your teacher will come to the door holding a “Ready” sign to notify you that you may start heading to class. Remain six feet apart from fellow dancers and come into the room one at a time. If you are early to class, remain in your vehicle until you see your teacher. It is of the utmost importance that dancers arrive on time to class. If your dancer is more than 5 minutes late, he/she will not be permitted to attend.
3. Dancers aged 5 and under must have a parent escort her/him to the door.
4. Dancers will be required to use provided hand sanitizer before entering the classroom.
5. The teacher will direct each student one at a time to his/her designated space
6. Dancers may bring a Ziplock or clear bag with necessary shoes and water. Nonessential items should remain at home. Personal belongings should remain with the dancer in his/her designated space. No food allowed!
7. It is recommended that dancers wear a mask when entering/exiting the classroom. Masks can be worn by the dancer during class, but will not be required as they could hinder breathing during strenuous activity. Dancers should bring a ziplock bag clearly marked with his/her name for storing the mask while not in use.
8. Student temperature will be taken via a touchless thermometer before entering the room. Any dancer who registers a temperature above 100 will not be permitted to enter the room. Please wait to make sure your dancer passes the test.
Class Dismissal/Exiting the Classroom:
1. Class dismissal will begin 5-10 minutes prior to the end of class depending on class length, size and age of dancers.
2. The teacher will walk to the door and dismiss each child individually upon seeing the child’s parent/guardian. Dancers will wait on in their designated spot until his/her name is called.
3. Parents must be on time for dismissal to work properly. Parents should wait 6 feet apart and wear masks while waiting for dancers.
4. Should a parent be late for pick-up, the dancer will be sent to the lobby to wait in a chair until said parent arrives.
5. Teachers will use disinfectant spray between classes.
Class Curriculum and Choreography:
1. Progressions (across the floor) will be eliminated from class curriculum.
2. Choreography will be adjusted to properly maintain social distancing practices. Dancers will not switch lines in choreography. Dancers will not move on and off the stage during routines. Dancers will not touch one another during choreography. Competition choreography may remain the same, but marked in said social distance spaces until competition guidelines have been released. Each piece will be evaluated individually.
3. Teachers will abide by the six feet rule and will have no physical contact with dancers.
4. Teachers will wear masks.
5. Tumbling will be eliminated from classroom curriculum. No mats will be used in any class.
6. No props will be used in class. IE: beanbags, wands, crowns, etc.
7. Ballet barres will be marked with tape at 6 ft intervals. All barres will be wiped with sanitizing wipes after each use. Dancers may wear gloves at their own discretion.


Recital Costumes:

1. Costumes will be distributed Monday, June 1st- Saturday, June 6th . We are still waiting on several second order costumes due to costume production shut downs in relation to COVID-19.
2. Costumes should be picked up in the Dancer’s Locker Room during your dancers designated class time.
3. One parent will be permitted in at a time. Parents waiting to enter should remain 6 feet apart. Parents should wear a mask.
4. Costumes will be organized alphabetically by dancer’s last name.
5. There will be a no contact pickup monitored by a Locker Room employee.
6. Costumes will not be available to dancer’s who owe tuition until all fees through March are paid in full.
Recital Plans (July 17-19): Preliminary plan- more details will be available closer to the event
1. Dancers will be spaced apart on stage according to social distancing guidelines.
2. Only immediate family members who live in the same house as the dancer may attend the performance.
3. Seating for audience members will be spaced apart based on social distancing guidelines.
4. Each class will have their own recital time. No other classes will be present at your class’s performance time. This will greatly reduce the number of people gathered.
5. At this time, we still hope to hold recital at the McCoy Center. In the event that the venue is closed, other location arrangements will be made.
6. There will not be a separate dress rehearsal. Dancers will rehearse on stage the day of recital before performing for family members.
7. We will not have professional photos for purchase this year. Due to social distancing guidelines, it would make group photos too difficult.


1. Monthly class tuition will be collected for June. There will be no class fees for recital classes in the month of July as this will be covered by your March credit.
2. Recital costumes will not be given to students who are not paid through March.
3. Payments can be made through the drop box or via credit card. Any cash payments must be placed in an envelope with dancer’s name and have exact change. All other payments should be made by check/money order or credit card. Please include your dancer’s name on your check. We will also accept credit card payments over the phone (614-476-4140).

We are here to help!

Please email any questions to


Let us know if you plan or do not plan to return

Please complete the following google form.





RECITAL JULY 17-19TH, 2020!

Pending CDC and government guidelines.  Please stay tuned for more information.