Pinnell Dance Centre | Jeri and Ashley in Dancers of New York!
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Jeri and Ashley in Dancers of New York!

Check out Jeri and Ashley in DANCERS OF NEW YORK by James Jin!

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“What are your aspirations?”


Ashley: “I want to continue what she started and keep the legacy going and hopefully make her proud.”


Jeri: “Oh my gosh. I’ll start sobbing. I don’t want to do that before we do pictures.”


Ashley: “Hopefully she’ll stay involved forever. It’s been so much fun being able to work with my mom and to continue what she does.”


Jeri: “And it’s really not work. We get to play. It’s something fun.”


Ashley: “I got to be the dancer, and now I get to be the teacher. It’s been really neat to take my students and help them grow. A lot of them are in college and pursuing dance, which is really inspiring to know that you’ve impacted somebody to make that choice in their life. I am excited about being a dance mom too [laughs]. Even though my daughter is only two, she had her first recital this year.”


– Ashley Pinnell Holt and Jeri Pinnell of Pinnell Dance Centre


DONY: Columbus!

– James Jin