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Below is information that will guide you in the class selection process.

Please let us know if we can help you in any way. No question is too small!

Pre-Combo (2 year olds)

  • This terrific program for two year olds introduces your youngster to the world of dance and music through basic movement. Pre-combo classes meet once a week for 45 minutes and combine pre-ballet and tumbling. Parents join their toddlers in this wonderful experience through the end of December. This gives the young dancers the chance to get a feel for the teacher, class, and other children with the comfort of their parent in the room. In January, parents leave the classroom, and the children fly on their own two feet. Pre-Combo is a fun way to socialize your toddler before pre-school.

Combo (3-5 year olds)

  • Combos 1 & 2- Combos 1 & 2 are excellent ways to introduce your child to a classroom environment. To begin Combo 1, your child must be either 3 or 4 years old. To begin Combo 2, your child must be 4 or 5 years old. Both Combo 1 and Combo 2 classes meet once a week for one hour. In this hour, your child will learn pre-ballet, tap, and tumbling. Changing their own shoes each week and participating in a class without Mom and Dad will give your child a sense of independence. You won’t want to miss seeing the joy of accomplishment on your child’s face when she or he comes off the stage at our annual June recital. For your convenience, Combo 1 and 2 classes are offered Monday thru Thursday in the daytimes and evenings, as well as on Saturday mornings.
  • Combo 3- Combo 3 gives your youngster a taste of tap, ballet, and jazz. Meeting once a week for an hour each week, your 5 year old will learn basic movement in three genres of dance. Each week, your child will look forward to seeing his or her teacher and friends. Through the use of props and upbeat music, your child will remain actively engaged for the entire hour. Combo 3 is a great entry level class for young dancers. By learning basic tap, ballet, and jazz moves, your child will get a feel for which genre of dance he or she enjoys.

Jazz (5 years and up)

Jazz dancing is fun for all ages! Classes are offered for children as young as five and are even offered for adults. Everyone can enjoy the excitement of jazz class. In jazz, dancers listen to upbeat music while learning the many different styles of jazz. Jazz is a great form of exercise and will help with flexibility and agility. Below is a guideline to the levels we offer and the ages associated with those levels!

  • Beginning Jazz- This class meets weekly for 30 minutes each week. The age range in a beginning jazz class is 5-9 year olds. In beginning jazz classes, dancers learn basic jazz movements while having a blast. Beginning jazz dancers wear black jazz shoes in our annual recital.
  • Jazz 2- Jazz 2 is for the young dancer who has completed a beginning jazz class. The Jazz 2 classes meet for 30 minutes each week and continue to expand their jazz knowledge. Jazz 2 students wear black jazz shoes for the recital.
  • Jazz 3- Jazz 3 students meet for 45 minutes each week. Jazz 3 is a fast paced class where students participate in stretching, performing across the dance floor, and learning routines. For the recital, Jazz 3 students wear black jazz shoes.
  • Jazz 4 and Intermediate Classes- These exciting jazz classes meet for one hour weekly. This hour gives students the opportunity to really expand their knowledge of jazz dance. Jazz 4 and Intermediate Jazz Classes wear black jazz shoes in the annual recital.
  • Teen Jazz- Teen Jazz is for the late beginner or dancer who has taken time off from dance and wants to begin again. This class for teenagers creates a comfortable environment where a late beginner can fulfill their love of dance while having fun with peers their own age. Teen Jazz dancers wear black jazz shoes.
  • Adult Jazz- This class is for adults of all ages who have a desire to rekindle a passion for dance or would like to discover the excitement of jazz. Adults can take this class to get in shape and discover why their children love dance so much. Class members have the option to perform in the recital, compete, or just take the class for pleasure. Adult jazz members wear black jazz shoes.
  • Tech Classes- Jazz Tech classes are for the more serious dancer. Most tech classes meet for one hour each week and do not participate in our recital. Tech classes move at a fast pace and are recommended for focused dancers.

Tap (5 years and up)

Tap dancing is fun for all students aged 5 through the high school senior. Students enrolled in tap classes will learn the art of making music with their feet. Pinnell teachers have trained with some of the top tap teachers in the country and teach their students the many different styles of tap dance. All tap classes at Pinnell Dance Centre meet 30 minutes once a week and wear black tap shoes for the recital. Below is a guideline of the tap classes we offer to assist you in your class selection.

  • Beginning Tap- This exciting class is for the dancer with no tap experience. Beginning tap dancers range in age from 5 years old to 8 years old. Beginning tappers will learn basic steps and will have a lot of fun doing so.
  • Tap 2,3,4 and Intermediate Classes- These levels are for the tap dancers with experience. After completing beginning tap, dancers will move up to Tap 2 and then continue to Levels 3,4 and Intermediate. Students will remain actively engaged in these classes and have the chance to show off their talent in our annual recital.
  • Teen Tap- This class is for the teenager who wants to restart tap or is a first-timer. Teen tappers range in level and thus learn basic movements as well as more challenging steps to keep all dancers actively engaged. Teen Tap is a stimulating class that will be a great fit for your teen!
  • Tech Classes- Tap Tech classes are for concentrated, experienced tappers. In Tap Tech, dancers learn the most advanced tap steps and turns. Tech classes move at a quick pace and do not participate in recital.

Ballet (5 years and up)

Let your child experience the joy of ballet. The discipline of ballet will help mold your child, while letting him or her express creativity. Our ballet teachers at Pinnell Dance Centre have performed with the revered Russian Bolshoi Ballet, and have studied at such esteemed universities as Point Park and Wright State. Girls are required to wear a black leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes to class and must pull their hair back into a ponytail or bun. Boys are required to wear black pants, a white shirt, and black ballet shoes. Below are class level descriptions and age guidelines for the amazing ballet classes offered at Pinnell Dance Centre.

  • Ballet 1- Ballet 1 is for the absolute beginner. Dancers may begin Ballet 1 classes at 5 years old and will meet weekly for 30 or 45 minutes. Let your youngster live out his or her dream of being a ballerina in this entry level class. Ballet 1 dancers perform a beautiful routine in our annual recital.
  • Ballet 2,3,4,5, and 6- These fun-filled ballet classes will meet weekly for one hour each week. Ballet 2 is the next step up from Ballet 1, and students continue through the levels from there. It is usually recommended that a student spend two years in each level. Each week, ballerinas in these classes will learn technique through the use of the barre, floor exercises, performing across the floor, and learning combinations.
  • Teen Ballet- This hour long class is for the teenager looking to improve their ballet technique or learn ballet for the first time. Teen ballet is a great form of exercise for your teenager and will boost his/her appreciation of the art form.
  • Intermediate and Advanced Ballet Classes- These classes are for the trained and serious ballerina. Intermediate Ballet classes are one hour in length and Advanced Ballet classes are one and a half hours in length. In these intense classes, ballet dancers must be focused and ready to learn. These classes are fast paced and enjoyable for the total dancer.
  • Pointe Classes- To begin Pointe Classes at Pinnell Dance Centre, dancers must have extensive ballet training and a teacher recommendation. Pointe dancers must have strong ankles and know proper body placement in order to avoid injury. These classes meet for either 60 or 90 minutes once a week. Pointe dancers enjoy this beautiful art and have the opportunity to show off their skills in our annual recital.

Hip Hop (6 years and up)

This popular dance form is what is seen on many pop music videos. Students learn how to move their bodies, while listening to music they hear on MTV and the radio. No dance experience is necessary for Hip Hop classes, so have your kids join with a friend to make their experience even more exciting. Students may begin taking Hip Hop at age 6 and continue all the way through high school. Use the following guideline to help in your selection.

  • Beginning Hip Hop- This 30 minute class is for the youngest Hip Hop dancers. The age range for Beginning Hip Hop is 5-9 years old. Let your child learn basic Hip Hop moves to their favorite music.
  • Junior 1 and 2- Junior level Hip Hop classes meet for one hour each week and are for dancers ages 8-13. Junior 1 is for the beginner in this age range, and Junior 2 is for the Hip Hop dancer with experience. Junior dancers will anticipate this class all week long!
  • Senior 1,2, and 3- Senior classes are for dancers ages 12 and up. These electrifying classes meet once a week for an hour each week. Senior 1 is for the teenaged beginner, Senior 2 is for the experienced Hip Hop dancer, and Senior 3 is for the advanced Hip Hop dancer. In Senior Hip Hop classes, dancers learn innovative Hip Hop choreography and listen to cutting edge music.

Lyrical (7 years and up)

Lyrical dance is an expressive genre of dance where students learn to express their emotions through movement. Lyrical combines ballet and jazz moves to create a moving genre of dance. Lyrical classes are offered to dancers with previous ballet experience. This experience is required to ensure students meet the technical requirements of this particular dance form. Lyrical classes meet once weekly for one hour each week. In this hour, students stretch, dance across the floor, and learn lyrical combinations. We offer Lyrical classes from beginning level 1 through advanced level 9. It is recommended that students participate in each level for two years, unless otherwise specified by the instructor. This expressive dance form will provide an outlet for your child’s emotion through dance.

Gymnastics (5 years and up)

If your child loves to tumble, then enroll them in a gymnastics class. Through the use of specialized gymnastic mats, students learn basic floor and tumbling moves. Our classes are divided by ability to allow your child to reach their potential in class. Listed below are the classes offered, as well as a guideline to help you find the best fit for your child.

  • Gym 1- This class is for the absolute beginner. Gym 1 meets for 45 minutes each week. Students will listen to upbeat music and learn basic tumbling moves, while having a great time.
  • Gym 2- To enroll in Gym 2, students must be able to perform a good cartwheel on their own. Students in Gym 2 will meet for one hour each week.
  • Gym 3- Students must be able to perform a backbend to enroll in Gym 3. Students in Gym 3 will meet for one hour each week.
  • Gym 4- To enroll in Gym 4, students must be able to do a backbend kick-over and a front limber. This class will meet for one hour a week and will teach your child intermediate/advanced tricks.
  • Advanced Gym- Advanced gymnasts must be able to do a back handspring to join the class. This class meets for one hour a week and will teach your child the most advanced gymnastic stunts.
  • Backhandspring- Students in this class will work on learning to do standing and round-off backhandsprings. This is a great class for those interested in cheerleading tyrouts!

Turn and Leap (8 and up)

Our Turn and Leap class meets for one hour each week and focuses on progressions. This class centers on different turns and leaps that are popular in the dance world. This class will help your dancer with their flexibility and technique. It will also increase confidence through focusing on areas that are often a struggle for some dancers. Turn and Leap class will help your dancer in ballet, jazz, lyrical, and musical theatre.


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